Google Algorithms

5 de October de 2021
Digitalization of companies
5 de October de 2021


On May 4, 2020, Google’s Danny Sullivan announced that the search engine had begun rolling out its second major algorithm update of the year.

Dubbed the May 2020 Major Update, most of the release lasted just two days with the initial release mild. As a study conducted of SERP fluctuations for over 10,000 domains and keywords shows, the second day of the update release produced much more ranking volatility than the first day of the update.

Based on our data analysis, the update was unique in that it produced a fairly uniform amount of range volatility across all niches. Furthermore, the update was far-reaching and large, as the range volatility levels slightly exceeded the January 2020 main update, which was known for its huge impact on the SERP.

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