Digitalization of companies

5 de October de 2021
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5 de October de 2021
Google Algorithms
5 de October de 2021


This profound crisis caused by COVID-19 has had to come, so that many of these companies that were digitally dormant, in just a few months, accelerated their digitization processes to the extreme, than what was raised only in physical channels, now they only do it in the digital realm, going from night to day in digitization at once

If there is something that this situation has taught us, it is that today’s problems cannot be solved with yesterday’s solutions, electronic commerce and teleworking have come to stay ”, explained Ángel Niño, Deputy Councilor for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Area at the City of Madrid. In addition, he recognized himself as a “convinced innovator” and stated that he was happy about the advances in digitization, although he pointed out, “there is a long way to go for our small and medium-sized companies to enter this field”

Digitization in companies is here to stay. This health crisis will cause worldwide that only those adapted to this process in a timely manner will survive ”, explained Miguel Ángel Robles, although this reflection was carried out in all sessions. The digitization of companies is a reality and none should be left behind.

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