Search engine optimization or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become increasingly important in current times, hence the importance of hiring the services of an SEO Positioning Agency.

To get an idea of its vital importance for a company, brand or establishment, you just have to ask yourself one question: Is it the same to establish your company in the middle of the desert than in the heart of a big city?

If we transfer this physical concept to the online world, the visibility of your company or business will make a difference with your competitors.

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SEO positioning is one of the disciplines within Digital Marketing, which has evolved the most in recent years, making it increasingly necessary to hire specialists or specialized SEO Positioning Agencies.

Google makes approximately 500 annual updates to its algorithms, that is, almost one update every 17 hours. Many of these updates are of a basic nature, others of a medium nature (which are usually named with their release dates) and others of an important nature (to which Google usually gives specific names: Penguin, Panda, etc.)

This has led to transforming the work of Search Engine Optimization, into an increasingly vital specialty within Digital Marketing, and of constant work, due to SERP fluctuations and range volatility that algorithm updates produce.

Among the many factors that we work at Green, as an SEO Positioning Agency, we mark two of them as main, on which we base part of our work: Authority, that is, the popularity of your website, and relevance, relationship of the content with respect to the search order.

SEO On-page and Off-page positioning

On-page: We carry out a study of your web site to plan its optimization, attending to internal issues of the site, such as loading speed, user experience, code optimizations, URL formats, content, etc., to facilitate the engines search engine indexing and effective understanding of the site.

Off-page: We focus on the study, planning and execution of the external factors of your website: number and quality of links, presence in social networks, brand authority, etc.

stats Agencia Grëen

stats Agencia Grëen
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With a well-done SEO positioning, we help search engines understand what a website is about, what services you offer to your potential customers or, for example, what specific products you sell.

Thanks to this, search engines will include your website in better positions, depending on the usefulness of your website for users.

In other words: A good SEO positioning is the best way for your potential customers to reach your website, through a search engine.


You must be clear that search engine optimization is not an easy job or in the short term. As an SEO Positioning Agency, we recommend that you run away from all those SEO companies that guarantee you to be in the first positions of the search orders in a short term.

The question is very simple: For example, Google shows 10 results per page, in a search order. If SEO Positioning were such a simple task as to appear on the first page quickly, and you have 100 competitors, how would you all appear on the first page?

Currently, the numerous updates to Google’s Algorithms are making the organic positioning of websites increasingly complicated, hence the need to hire professional SEO services that are increasingly specialized.

As we indicated above

There are many factors that influence SEO positioning: Competition in keywords, user experience on your website, age of your domain compared to the competition, relevance of web content, programming, loading speed, etc.

This means that, as a general rule, for websites with a time of life in the online world, we recommend a minimum of six months to start seeing the results, while for new sites or with domain changes that are not You have made a successful SEO migration, the minimum recommended time is one year.

If by chance, your needs are specific, that is, you need quick visualization for a short-term campaign, service or product, and limited in time, we recommend contracting SEM services.


At the Green Agency, we will be happy to receive your doubts, questions, needs, ideas or projects. We will attend you as soon as possible and without any commitment on your part. We are the SEO Agency you are looking for. Do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you.